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Corrosion protection

Steel is one of the most versatile and commonly used materials in the world. Studies prove that damage due to corrosion accounts for approximately 3% of global gross national products. Yet another reason to protect oneself against this risk.

With the aim of increasing the service life of pipes and moulded parts, we offer you processing programmes that make them more resistant to corrosion in the most economical way.

They include:

  • PE and bitumen sheaths following DIN30670 N-n.
  • Cement lining as per DIN2614 / EN10298
  • Interior and exterior sandblasting
  • Base and top coats based on zinc dust, zinc phosphate and synthetic materials
  • Special coatings within the framework of regulations, e.g. AGI Q151
  • Temporary, easily-removable corrosion protection for transportation and storage
  • Fire galvanising, electro-galvanising and galvanising for drinking water pipes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 and DIN EN ISO 14713 Part 1 + 2

Mechanical processing treatments

We use state-of-the-art cutting tools for mechanical prefabrication and special constructions. Automatic lathes are used to process pipe fittings according to your specifications and needs.

They include:

  • All sealing surface forms according to DIN/ANSI/EN
  • Tongue and groove processing according to DIN2512 and/or EN1092-1 (Form C+D)
  • Projection and recess according to DIN2513/2514 and/or EN1092-1 (Form E+F)
  • Processing of flanges and moulded parts to standard dimensions
  • Moulded parts made from round steel
  • Extremely thick-walled T-pieces, reducers and pipe caps (e.g. for application in hydraulics)
  • Separators for pipe elbows to different degrees
  • Processing of edges and screw holes in preparation for rubber coating
  • Manufacture of saddle T-pieces and elbow T-pieces
  • Drilling and welding work